Hamish the Head of the ClanHamish is a good and popular rockherd. Always willing to help others he is the natural choice for Head of the Clan. If a problem is too difficult for him to solve, he climbs to the top of the mountain to discuss it with God – for at that time the McDorwuffs believethat God lives at the top of the mountain.

But after a time, Hamish grows tired of the trek up the mountain. He feels that he can sort things out as well as God. So he stops speaking to God. Gradually he sets himself up as a rival, issuing a decree that no McDorwuff can approach God directly, only through him. McDorwuffs flock to him with their troubles and Hamish eventually has to move to a new, beautiful house half-way up the mountain. Beseiged by McDorwuffs wanting to see him, Hamish states that he can only be communicated with by letter.

A group of McDorwuffs are unhappy with this situation. Discovering that they can talk to God at any time and in any place, letters to Hamish cease. Alone and lonely, Hamish soon begins to miss his past life and his old friends. He has no-one to talk to – other than God. At last Hamish begins talking to God. Ashamed of his behaviour he leaves his new home and apologises to the McDorwuffs.

And God looked down on the large feast the McDorwuffs were preparing and saw Hamish talking to the old McDorwuffs and laughing with the young, and God was pleased. For it is God’s way that people should live together in happiness under him.

The McDorwuffs are a clan of small, stout Scottish people whose home is around the shores of Loch Laxford in Sutherland. They are rockherds, looking after the rocks and hills of the even farthest north.

The McDorwuffs have a special relationship with God, trekking up to the top of the mountain called Foinaven to talk about their problems and ask God’s advice. But if they don’t like the advice they’re given then generally ignore it!

These eight often funny stories in the series try to show something of the way in which God’s love works in the world. Some of the stories are loosely based on the parables of Jesus. They tackle themes such as greed, selfishness, pride, making difficult choices and how we treat others. The stories will appeal to all ages and especially to children aged from 5 to 9.

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Avril Rowlands