Robbie and the Polar BearIgnoring the warning that polar bears have been sighted, Robbie sets off for a walk.  Polar bears are greatly feared, for they regard McDorwuffs as a tasty delicacy but Robbie is not afraid.  He is a loner who shuns the company of other McDorwuffs and he prides himself on never asking for help.  But when a fall of snow causes a landslide, trapping his leg under a large boulder, Robbie is eventually forced to ask for help from God.
It seems his prayer is answered when three McDorwuffs come into sight.  However they don’t see Robbie – all they see is a white-shrouded figure in a ditch which they mistake for a polar bear.  They hurry away.  Robbie is not impressed by God’s efforts on his behalf.  He is even less impressed  when a real polar bear arrives.  Despite his fears, however, the polar bear does not eat him.  It carries him gently to the Town Hall. The McDorwuffs rush out, ready to beat off the attack but they find no sign of the bear, not even a footprint.  Instead they find Robbie, unconscious but alive.

And God smiled as they lifted Robbie up and carried him into the hall.  For that was God’s way.

The McDorwuffs are a clan of small, stout Scottish people whose home is around the shores of Loch Laxford in Sutherland.  They are rockherds, looking after the rocks and hills of the even farthest north.
The McDorwuffs have a special relationship with God, trekking up to the top of the mountain called Foinaven to talk about their problems and ask God’s advice.  But if they don’t like the advice they’re given then generally ignore it!
These eight often funny stories in the series try to show something of the way in which God’s love works in the world.  Some of the stories are loosely based on the parables of Jesus.  They tackle themes such as greed, selfishness, pride, making difficult choices and how we treat others. The stories will appeal to all ages and especially to children aged from 5 to 9.
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The stories have been turned into an 8 x 15 minute television series, available on DVD.   Please contact me

Avril Rowlands