Shadows on the WallJulie can’t believe her luck when she’s chosen to play a leading part in a children’s television drama about smuggling in the eighteenth century.  Thrilled at the opportunity but also rather scared, she arrives on location in Yorkshire and is immediately thrust into the magical, make-believe world of filming.  She’s made welcome and soon feels part of the family of the film crew and actors.  It’s a warm and happy feeling.

But odd things are taking place in and around the film unit and Julie begins to realise that things aren’t as they appear.  There are the harmless, or perhaps not so harmless, practical jokes; there’s the odd and disturbing conversation she overhears, and when she find the costume designer, Bob, on the beach, the victim of a vicious attack, she determines to find out just what is going on.  What’s happening in the real world seems to be increasingly like the story in the film.  Is present-day smuggling actually taking place?  And if so, of what and by whom?  What secrets lie in the disused railway tunnel and who, if anyone, can Julie trust?  As she gets closer to the heart of the mystery so the danger grows and when at last Julie does find out the truth is she too late to do anything about it?

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Avril Rowlands