Meet the McDorwuffsThe McDorwuffs are rockherds who live in the far north of Scotland.   Their adventures often land them in trouble but they know they can always ask God for advice – although they seldom take it.

Adapted from my eight books, Tales of the McDorwuffs,  these moving and often very funny stories try to show something of the way in which God’s love works in the world.  They will appeal to all ages and especially to children from 5-9.

MAUREEN BEATTIE, who tells the stories, is possibly best known for her starring role in the BBC-TV series, ‘Casualty’.  She has worked extensively in theatre, radio and television.

The stories are illustrated by the atmospheric paintings of JOHN HORTON, interwoven with shots of the north-west Highlands in all their scenic beauty.  The haunting music is played by CHRISTINE MARTIN.


Jamie and the Best Stone in the World

Angus and the Christmas Present

Robbie and the Polar Bear

Fergus Travels South


Alasdair and the Clan War

Kirstie and the Lost Stone

Andrew and the Fish that got away

Hamish, Chief of the Clan

Running time of each story: approx 15 minutes

Aspect ratio:  4:3

Produced and directed by Avril Rowlands in association with Jerusalem Productions

Distributed by Avril Rowlands – please contact me