The Animals’ Caravan – adventures through the Bible with Caravan Bear and friends

Book 5 :  What Jesus Did

what jesus did

Christopher Rabbit opened the Bible. “This story is about friends.” He looked around the warm and cosy room. The faces of his friends were lit up in the fire’s

bright blaze. “I am a lucky rabbit,” he thought to himself, before starting to read. “Jesus had a message from God which he knew he had to share…”

Caravan Bear once again hitches up Hector the horse to the brightly painted gypsy-style caravan and, with Whitby the dog and Christopher Rabbit, sets off in search of new adventures. Enjoy Rabbit’s storytelling along the way, interrupted with frequent questions from the travellers and other animals they meet. What’s a miracle? Did Jesus’ feet get wet when he walked on water? Why did Jesus delay going to see Lazarus?

Illustrated by Kay Widdowson

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Publication 22nd May 2020

‘What a cute concept, with these animal friends on their travels, celebrating things, meeting new friends and even hearing sad news about thing in their friends lives.

Everywhere they went Jesus was with them in Christopher Rabbits bible. At the end of their fun, he would sit down with everyone gathered and share a story that connected to what was happening to them that day. I really love the thought that was put into which story was chosen.

Each story told came with interruptions but each one was vital to the story, they’d ask about God, or Jesus or the disciples or comment on what was going on with them. I really liked the addition of these questions, wanting to delve in deeper and showing they were thinking about the story. It’s something children themselves do when you share a story with them.

This book is a really great book for sharing the story of Jesus and God to children. They come with a fun animal adventure story and a great lesson to learn, all while being fun and teaching of all the greatness Jesus did.’

Avril Rowlands