The Magician's Train SetWhen Sam finds granddad’s model train set had magically come to life, she isn’t too surprised – after all her granddad was the famous ‘Alfredo, the Amazing Man of Magic’! But when her granddad gets ill and she finds herself right inside the railway, things became altogether different. Who are the strange and frightening mis-shapes? What do they want? Her granddad is in hospital, her parents far away, her brother, Joe, is a pain. Then her unpleasant Aunt Dory and her even more unpleasant son, Craig, arrive, and threaten to dismantle and sell off granddad’s train set as well as his home in Mablethorpe. Sam is the only one who can sort things out, both in the actual world and in the magic world of the railway. But time is running out and, in any case, Sam is living in both worlds, so which is the real one?

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Avril Rowlands