Fergus Travels SouthFergus McDorwuff is bored with his life as rockherd.  He wants change, adventure, excitement.  His brother, Stuart, can’t understand his restlessness and asks Hamish, head of the clan, for advice.  Hamish speaks to God, who tells him to let Fergus go.  With a supply of precious stones, Fergus sets off.
After a long journey he reaches a large city where he quickly becomes a much sought-after celebrity.  For a while he forgets his old life, but when his money runs out and he is alone and starving on a park bench he begins to remember the life he has left behind.  God watches him and is sorry for him but says nothing, for that is not God’s way.
At last Fergus remembers God and asks for help.  With God beside him, Fergus makes the long and hard journey back to the land of the even farthest north.  As the McDorwuffs prepare a feast of welcome, Stuart protests.  Why, he demands, should his brother be treated as a returning hero?  But when Fergus arrives Stuart forgets his anger.

And God watched as Stuart came running down the hillside to be the first to meet Fergus and welcome him home.  When God saw the happiness on the faces of both the brothers, he was happy too.  For that was his way.

The McDorwuffs are a clan of small, stout Scottish people whose home is around the shores of Loch Laxford in Sutherland.  They are rockherds, looking after the rocks and hills of the even farthest north.

The McDorwuffs have a special relationship with God, trekking up to the top of the mountain called Foinaven to talk about their problems and ask God’s advice.  But if they don’t like the advice they’re given then generally ignore it!

These eight often funny stories in the series try to show something of the way in which God’s love works in the world.  Some of the stories are loosely based on the parables of Jesus.  They tackle themes such as greed, selfishness, pride, making difficult choices and how we treat others.  The stories will appeal to all ages and especially to children aged from 5 to 9.

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Avril Rowlands