Tales from the Ark – the musical  is based on three extremely successful childrens’ books of mine which have been published in more than fifteen languages.  It tells the story of how Noah and his family, together with two of every animal, insect and bird, survived on the ark for forty days and nights when God flooded the world.

Trying to stop the animals from eating each other was just one of Noah’s problems! The ark starts to leak – due to the woodpeckers doing what woodpeckers do!  The donkey is sad when he sees a fabulously-striped zebra; the frog is also sad because he’s lost his partner.  Mrs Noah’s cat, Tiddles, thinks she is in charge, but the lion knows he is in charge, and if that’s not enough, the ark contains two fleas!

Penny Weedon a talented musician and composer, has written the score, and the music contains a wonderfully-varied selection of tunes, including haunting ballads, as well as catchy, up-beat numbers which will leave the audience whistling and humming as they leave the theatre.  Penny’s music complements my lyrics perfectly and the two combine to create a funny, zany entertainment for all the family to enjoy while still preserving the more serious ethical side of the story of Noah and his ark.

UPDATE : January 2020

I’d like to thank everyone who has donated to the costs of staging the musical, either via Crowdfunding or by making individual donations.  I am still looking for a reputable amateur theatre company to premiere the musical but the exciting news is that there will be a school’s version staged later this year.  Bretforton Village School will be giving two performances at TheatreBarn in Bretforton.  Dates in July and details to follow. 

If you are happy to leave your money I’ll be very grateful. If, however, you would like your money refunded I’m very happy to do so.

I’d like to thank all of you for your support for this project. I’ll be providing updates on the project here on my website.