The Rainbow's End by Avril Rowlands‘Why should God choose to speak to Noah about important matters like building an ark and saving the animals?’ said Mrs Noah as she bundled up their clothes.  ‘He’s a good man, but he’s not all that special.  His carpentry’s a nightmare and as for animals….!  He runs a mile at the sight of a spider!’

Mrs Noah’s doubts are just the first of Mr Noah’s problems.  The tortoises are in danger of missing the boat, the camels have got the hump and then the animals threaten to revolt.  Worst of all the water is still rising when the ark becomes wedged between some rocks!

This is the third book in the immensely popular Tales from the Ark series which tells what might have happened on board Noah’s ark..

This highly successful book has, together with its two companion books, Tales from the Ark and More Tales from the Ark, been re-published in an omnibus edition, All the Tales from the Ark, available from bookshops and from